Our aim is to bring to your project the most beautiful and timeless floors possible. A floor individually sourced and hand crafted to exactly fit each space it is designed for.

What is it that makes antique and reclaimed timbers so timeless and so much more beautiful than new wood?
Is there a tangible, observable difference between mechanically processed wood floors and a handcrafted one?
Can these qualities work within and enhance modern contemporary spaces, as well as more eclectic or traditional ones?

Declan Molloy believes there is a positive answer to all the above questions.

Declan was the Founder and inspiration behind Victorian Wood Works Ltd, who over the last 25 years were at the cutting edge in exploring, refining and then producing the finest quality of Antique and Reclaimed timber floors.

He has distilled his years of research to create a range of Flooring and Wall Cladding. We believe this range represents the very best and most beautiful floors available.

At Antique Wooden Floors, we excel in the understanding of what makes an antique, timeless floor – and we have the in-house knowledge and skills to create and finish them to that beautiful, soft lustre we are renowned for. Each batch of our Antique wood has its own texture and subtle movement that is a result of its history. The location – the consequent wear – the age and the usage of that building, tells us what it is possible to make with each batch of reclaimed wood. The Raw Material is master. Our task is to carefully unlock the antiquity and patination that has evolved over hundreds of years. By recognising and capturing this essence, we are able to offer our clients truly luxurious, unique and unmatchable "One Off" floors.

But how does one do this? In our view it cannot be done with machinery. Only a well trained human eye can do it: hence our commitment to Hand-Making each and every floor.

  • A machine will not see the Pit-Saw marks that defines and confirms this wood, as having being cut long before electricity or woodworking machinery was available.
  • A machine cannot distinguish a hardened, aged knot that has flowered and become a lovely feature within a plank.
  • A machine will flatten and destroy a swollen ridge running down the middle of a board – or plane level the concave cupping of another .
  • A machine does not know that by gently, pain-stakingly, hand scraping and wire wooling the surface of these boards – working with the original patina – that we can arrive at a depth and richness of colour – a warmth – that is simply unachievable with French polishes and trickery.

It is these features and characteristics that we work with and exploit. Natural wear and movement, settling, Ultra-Violet penetration, Pit-Saw marks, anything within each plank that will show us just how an Antique Original Floor would have worn with hundreds of years of wear and usage. 

When we capture this- we create an allure and beauty that is timeless.