The Process

Client Consultation :

Firstly we listen.

  • What does the client want?
  • How can we help?
  • What level of budget are they working to?
  • Do they and their space require a formal or informal overview? Town or Country?
  • What is their timescale?
  • Do they have under-floor heating?
  • Then we explain our Portfolio?
  • The different textures, colours, and finishes we offer?
  • What we think would work and in which areas.
  • What timbers we have in stock that will suit the project.
  • Also any one off parcels of timber we may have.

We elucidate this process by extensive use of our library of images. This unrivalled treasure of images showing our installed antique and handmade floors down through the years, this enables the consultation process to move forward quickly and with a surprising amount of confidence.

Clients can envisage and project our images into their own home and quickly decide what works for them and also what doesn't.

  • Having agreed the desired end result – we produce lay-out drawings from your CAD plans, showing pattern options & details for finessing – especially in transition areas.
  • Accurate costs are presented, drawn from the lay-outs, including treads , risers, thresholds, borders etc.
  • Make realistic sample boards for each floor type, showing agreed texture, quality, colour, sizes and finish – for the client to sign-off and date.

  • We hold large stocks of Antique Original raw materials, at our workshops.
  • We have excellent, long standing relationships with suppliers throughout Europe and Asia.
  • The quality of our materials is everything. This determines the final quality of any installation. Our contacts are jealously guarded.
  • We use 100 – 400 year old wood – unless otherwise stated.

  • One of our highly skilled craftsmen handles and grades every single board, that arrives here. It is allocated against a quality - and best use - within our grading rules.
  • Select features are chalked for retention against those grading definitions. Widths, lengths, pit-saw marks, acceptable shakes, acceptable knots, acceptable flight holes – all identified and graded for use.
  •  From this stockholding, we batch, grade and select as much timber as possible, against each project.
  • All our timber is Kiln Dried inhouse to 6-8%  for radiant or under floor heating – or to 9-11% for normal heating.
  • All our timber is fully certificated against worm infestation, larvae or foreign bodies. Fumigation certificates are always supplied ,when our jobs are going  overseas. 

  • Many companies claim their products are hand-made. Antique Wooden Floors Ltd guarantees each and every single board that leaves our workshops, has been-
  • Hand selected for purpose 
  • Hand DA Sanded on a joiners bench 
  • Hand repaired and spliced
  • Hand filled as required
  • Hand rolled top edges 
  • Hand assembled  
  • Hand block planed to remove any lips, as they would have been in years gone by
  • Hand polished using old style French polishing fads and rubbers
  • Hand waxed and buffed to our soft lustrous sheen.

  • Each of your spaces is drawn out in our factory, on a one-to one scale.
  • Each room is built up board-by board, panel by panel or stave by stave and brought to a penultimate state, before tinting and colouring.
  • Any re-adjustments are done. Lips are dealt with. Unacceptable boards removed.  The floor promised, has to be the floor awaiting inspection.
  • One room of each type of floor is prepared for this inspection.
  • The client is invited to see a representative, finished room, of each floor type

The client is invited to see a representative, finished room, of each floor type. At this point the client can inspect their laid out floors for

  • Quality of Material
  • Degree of Surface movement
  • Hand Repairs and implants
  • Texture as agreed
  • Size and length specification
  • Colour and type and amount of filling
  • Layout of wide boards

Our International clients in particular find this process reassuring. To see a room laid out, coloured, waxed, and finished. Allows them to relax and know they will be receiving the floors they wanted. Any adjustments agreed at this point.

Any changes the client wants are agreed....... and then made.

This can be changing a plank or a panel or simply moving a wide board to a more advantageous postion, subtle change of colour or hue and of course finishes, sheen levels, lustre and wax build up.

It rarely happens but if there is a problem the timber is still in our workshops. We have the skills, the knowhow and most importantly the raw material. This material is held in stock, kiln dried to 9%-11% moisture content and can be used to sort out any problems immediately.

Once a floor has been approved and signed off we carefully pick up each component - label  its exact position on the backface and reversed pack into our made to measure crates. One copy of the layout or grid then travels with the floors. When the crate is opened on site row ‘A’ is followed by row ‘B’ etc.

All floors are fully certified against infestation and fumigated and treated as required. Such certification especially for floors going to North America is vital. 

Caring for your floors is a necessity and to be taken seriously. But it is easy! A five step regime does need to be established. A simple daily vacuum plus a soft buffing every 3-4 weeks will keep your floor with that soft glow and lustre that is so lovely.

Care and Responsibility for your project- from the first enquiry through to final handover and aftercare.